Meet the governors

It has been an exciting year in the development of the Primary School. All the staff, pupils and parents have contributed to making our school a happy, safe place in which our children can learn. I would like to formally record the thanks of the governing body to all the staff but in particular the headteacher Mr Rajinder Sandhu, for his tremendous contribution to the development of the school over the past year. His vision and leadership has resulted in many improvements such as:

  • the appointment of new dedicated teachers and support staff to join our already strong team resulting in better quality teaching and learning
  • improved standards in Key Stage 1 and 2
  • the development of Information Communication Technology, e learning in classrooms with pupils benefiting from interactive white boards
  • the development of subject leaders to take forward core areas like literacy, numeracy and science as well as foundation subjects such as the humanities
  • better outdoor play facilities for the younger pupils
  • high standards of behaviour

A further improvement has been in the area of attendance, and as parents who have supported us in making this improvement, my thanks for your co-operation.

These improvements are not just my views, as you will know, we have been visited during the course of the year by HMI Cathy Munt and her colleagues. Her last report in February 2005 stated, ‘ The school has made good progress since the last monitoring inspection and good progress overall.’ We have further testimony to our improvement from our local member of parliament, Mr John McDonnell who, during the Punjabi/Sikh Community debate in the House of Commons said, ‘I know that time is short, but I want to place on record on behalf of the whole House my congratulations to Guru Nanak Primary School in Hayes on the fantastic results that it achieved this year and on the work that is going on there. I congratulate the government on the investment in that school, which has produced remarkable results for the whole community.’

None of us in the school is complacent and with the vision and dedication of our founder, Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji we look forward to further developing our school as a place of excellence for the benefit of our pupils.

Yours sincerely,

Gurdev Banwait ,Vice Chair of Governors, Guru Nanak VA Primary School


Name                                                                            Post

Sant Baba Amar Sigh Ji                                            Chair of Governors

Mr. V Mandora                                                           Clerk to Governors

Mrs. J Bains                                                                 Foundation Governor

Mrs. G Grewal                                                             Foundation Governor

Mrs. G Gobindpuri                                                     Foundation Governor

Mr. S Ambu                                                                  Foundation Governor

Mr. G Banwait                                                              LEA Governor / Vice Chair

Mrs. R Bhandal                                                             Parent Governor

Mr. R Sandhu                                                                Staff Governor